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    Great Customer Service...
    Great Customer Service...
    Great Customer Service...
  • Andy's Kuuma Sauna Stove
    Picture of a Kuuma Wood Sauna Stove with an
    outside feed, which really limits clean-up.
  • Proven Experience!!
    All of our products are manufactured indiviually
    with care.
    Over 30 + years of experience (Kuuma = Quality)...
  • Tim's Kuuma Sauna Stove
    Picture of a Kuuma Wood Sauna Stove
    with a glass window for romantic viewing.
    Visit our Facebook page for other custom set-up's!!
  • Manufacturing Process
    Picture of a Kuuma Wood Sauna Stove
    undergoing a few final touches.
  • Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100
    Picture of Kuuma Vapor-Fire bodies
    just before the painting process.
  • Custom Painting
    Picture of Billy Hiltunen Painting Kuuma
    Furnaces & Sauna Stoves.
  • Kuuma Electric
    Picture of our Kuuma Electric Sauna Stove,
    available in either a Floor or Wall Mount Model.
    Get off the top bench!!
  • Kuuma 24 Volt Computer
    High Efficiency & Low Emmissions...
    How? With our revolutionary
    24 volt Kuuma Vapor-Fire computer.
  • Kuuma Wood
    Picture of Kuuma Wood Sauna Stove bodies
    just before the painting process.
    Get off the top bench!!

Lamppa Manufacturing Story

"In the early 1900's during the depression my father, and grandfather of my son (Richard Lamppa), worked as a blacksmith for the WPA work program. He started making sauna stoves for the early Finnish settlers who lived in the country. They were very fond of traditional Finnish saunas. He usually made the stoves out of used 30 gallon oil drums. He would cut an opening on one end of the barrel for loading wood into the stove barrel. He purchased a cast iron frame and door which was bolted to the end that had the opening. He also attached a cast iron smoke collar on top side of the barrel that lay sideways.

    Pictured above is Richard Lamppa

I remember clearly how many hours I had to stand there cranking the handle of the blower of the coal fired Forge. He had straps of iron that had to be heated till they were red hot so he could then hammer them in the shape needed to form the legs of the stove. My father made many beneficial modifications to our stoves over the years and in the late 1970's, my son Daryl and I took over the family business and started to make wood burning furnaces along with sauna stoves. We have since made numerous improvements to our product lines including using a patented wood burning process called gasification that allows for increased burning efficiency and lowered smoke and creosote build up. We are a small family-owned company and believe that we must always make the best units we know how and continue striving to make them BETTER and SAFER. We look forward to serving your furnace and sauna stove needs."

Herb Lamppa Co-Owner

    Pictured above is Daryl & Herbert Lamppa

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