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The World's #1 Wood Gasification Furnace

Well it's all about safety, high efficiency, and enhancing our environment when it comes to burning wood using a Kuuma Vapor-Fire Wood Gasification Furnace. "Smokeless" burns say it all...

The Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100 is our largest Vapor-Fire wood burning furnace. The wood length is approximately 20" and requires seasoned wood that has an 18-28% moisture content. It has a large 2-speed blower that delivers 500 to 1500 CFM (cublic feet per minute) on demand, controlled by a thermostat. It can stand alone as a central furnace, or be used as an add-on to an existing oil, gas, or electric furnace. The bonnet opening is 2'x2' and your heat duct outlet should be 180-200 square inches to prevent excess back pressure on the blower system. It gives you a clean, safe, and automatic front to back burn that delivers very even heat for 10-12 hours per load followed by many hours of coals. Even heat output results from the front to back burn principle in our Vapor-Fire wood burning furnace. It heats approximately 3500 square feet.

"Kuuma" principle - the logs burn from the front to the back. Primary air ignites only the amount of wood that will combust with the available oxygen within the fire chamber. Electronic control precisely regulates the amount of preheated air admitted into the fire chamber. Because the gases and volatile liquids burn at approximately 1000 degrees Fahrenheit it is important that the secondary air is preheated before it is introduced into the secondary zone. The fire burns with a nice soft low flame resulting in a highly efficient burn for a long period of time. You don't need a raging fire to produce a clean burn and useful heat.

***We have received confirmation that these are the final emission results for the testing of our Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100-
Cat 1 – 0.147 lb/MMBtu
Cat 2 – 0.089 lb/MMBtu
Cat 3 – 0.093 lb/MMBtu
Cat 4 – 0.043 lb/MMBtu

Our average is .093 lb/MMBtu, which is pretty impressive considering no catalytic converter is being used for combustion and the current standard is .93 lb/MMBtu (10 times better). It's the only warm air furnace that we are aware of which has exceeded 2020 EPA phase 2 emissions requirements. We haven't received the final document from Intertek yet for final EPA certification and it might be a little while since we have to update our owners manual and a couple of other things. If we had more time and money I know we could've done a little better but we don't want to invest another large amount of $ to retest all of the categories and my dad doesn't have any more time to sit through all of the burns:)

If you don't meet these requirements you won't be able to sell the furnace when the requirement goes into effect.

EPA Phase 1 requirement is .93
EPA Phase 2 requirement is .15 (coming in 2020) all 4 burns need to be under the .15 and not just the average (very difficult)!

For comparison, I found the following information posted on other furnace manufacturers websites:
Mini-Caddy - .841 lb/MMBtu
Caddy - .654 lb/MMBtu
Max Caddy - .735 lb/MMBtu
Tundra II - .654 lb/MMBtu
Heatmax - .654 lb/MMBtu
Heatpack - .841 lb/MMBtu
Heatpro - .735 lb/MMBtu

Why choose a Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100?


    • In simple terms, no smoke - no creosote.
    • No visible smoke whenever the temperature is above 32ºF outside – only condensation, when the temperature is below 32ºF. (Similar to a clothes dryer.)
    • Virtually eliminates cleaning chimney.

    • Because of the low stack temperature, the heat extraction efficiency is extremely high.

    • Heat sensor monitors internal fire chamber temperature continuously.
    • Electronic control precisely regulates the amount of air admitted into the fire chamber. Adjustable.
    • Primary and secondary air is superheated before it enters the fire chamber.
    • Front to rear burning of the logs assures a controlled burn and consumes less wood. (This saves money and labor.)
    • Converts the wood to a gas and then burns the gases.
    • 30-40,000 BTU per hour – up to 10 hrs.** Heats up to 3500 sq. ft.
    • Will replace a 100,000 BTU* oil furnace.

    2 SPEEDS
    • Low Speed - 250 CFM
    • High Speed - 1,500 CFM

    With brick lining to the ceiling and ceramic lining behind the fire brick it is designed for a lifetime.

    • Adjustable latch and hinges.
    • Cool door handle. (Stainless steel)
    • 12 ga. steel heat shield on the inside of door.
    • Heavy 14-ga. outer shell.
    • Extra heavy cast iron door frame with a 12 x 12 inch opening.
    • Access door with 11/2 inch insulation.

    • Alarm system to warn if the temperature inside the fire chamber is excessively high.
    • Cool outside shell.
    • Cool door handles.


    Tested by PFS Laboratory and Intertek for Emissions and Safety

    Approved to UL #391 by PFS Corporation

    Fireboxes are under warranty for 25 years

    All the internal parts are made with stainless steel and are replaceable

    Furnace purchase includes both the barometric damper and firebricks

    * Generally furnaces rated at 100,000 BTU per hour operate less than 1/3 of the time, with an actual heat output of less than 33,000 BTU/hr.

    ** Estimate. Could vary with different types of installation and wood.

Vapor-Fire 100

  • $5,295

  • Includes firebricks and damper

  • Call or e-mail for a shipping estimate
  • 1-800-358-2049

  • Shipped on 2 pallets
    700lbs 33W x 43L x 54H
    100lbs 24W x 29L x 36H

  • ***We Know Cold!!***

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    February 3, 2012

    Lamppa Manufacturing,

    I have found the Vapor-Fire 100 to be the hottest thing in wood burning technology. I just want to thank you you for the amount of time and effort spent to develop a product that does all it has been advertised to do. I find this quite refreshing. Your product has craftsmanship, durability, longevity, and safety written all over it. This furnace works amazingly well. Initially I had a hard time justifying spending this much on a wood burner, but it didn't take long to prove it was a worthwhile investment. It requires half the wood and half the time as my old "high efficiency" furnace. I highly recommend your product, I give it a 10!!

    Thank you,

    Mike's Muffler Stop
    Mike Caillier
    Crookston, MN

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    Image of the Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100 undergoing stringent efficiency and emissions testing at Intertek.