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The World's #1 Forced Air Wood Gasification Furnaces
**********"Kuuma today for a better tomorrow"**********

Well it's all about safety, high efficiency, and enhancing our environment when it comes to burning wood using a Kuuma Vapor-Fire Wood Gasification Furnace. "Smokeless" burns say it all...

The biggest difference from the Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100 and 200 to any other hot air woodburning furnace is that the Vapor-Fires are true gasification furnaces, while others aren't. With emissions as low as .01 gr/mj or less than 1 gr/hr. and combustion efficiencies of 99%, you know for a fact that gasification is taking place. Also, at the same time, smokeless burns are taking place and further demonstrate gasification. Remember this, when there is no smoke, there is also no creosote.

Emissions from our competitors that average 5 gr/hr or more or .3 gr/mj, won't allow true smokeless burns and wood gasification.

Consequently, the Kuuma Vapor-Fire furnaces stand alone for efficiency, safety and enhancing our environment.

Don't just take out word for it, read what our satisfied customers have to say.

***There are a lot of different nationwide incentives available for switching to more efficient and emission friendly wood burning appliances. Please check with your state to see if any are available in your area. Our independent test results provide proof of just how efficient and environmentally friendly the Kuuma Vapor-Fire truly is. In 2015 the EPA will start regulating furnaces and we plan to be first in line for testing completion when the new standard is finalized.

***Update (3.24.15)*** The EPA has finalized and published in the federal register the regulations for wood burning furnaces. We plan on undergoing the testing process this summer. Click here for more information.

***We have received confirmation that these are the final emission results for the testing of our Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100-
Cat 1 – 0.147 lb/MMBtu
Cat 2 – 0.089 lb/MMBtu
Cat 3 – 0.093 lb/MMBtu
Cat 4 – 0.043 lb/MMBtu

Our average is .093 lb/MMBtu, which is pretty impressive considering no catalytic converter is being used for combustion and the current standard is .93 lb/MMBtu (10 times better). It's the only warm air furnace that we are aware of which has exceeded 2020 EPA phase 2 emissions requirements. We haven't received the final document from Intertek yet for final EPA certification and it might be a little while since we have to update our owners manual and a couple of other things. If we had more time and money I know we could've done a little better but we don't want to invest another large amount of $ to retest all of the categories and my dad doesn't have any more time to sit through all of the burns:)

If you don't meet these requirements you won't be able to sell the furnace when the requirement goes into effect.

EPA Phase 1 requirement is .93
EPA Phase 2 requirement is .15 (coming in 2020) all 4 burns need to be under the .15 and not just the average (very difficult)!

For comparison, I found the following information posted on other furnace manufacturers websites:
Mini-Caddy - .841 lb/MMBtu
Caddy - .654 lb/MMBtu
Max Caddy - .735 lb/MMBtu
Tundra II - .654 lb/MMBtu
Heatmax - .654 lb/MMBtu
Heatpack - .841 lb/MMBtu
Heatpro - .735 lb/MMBtu

Fantastic Wood & Electric Sauna Stoves

By definition taking a sauna is a steam bath taken in the Finnish manner. That's exactly what both our wood and electric sauna stoves do for you, provide excellent heat and a great level of steam. Be ready to move down off the top bench when using a Kuuma Sauna Stove.

***The Kuuma is approved to UL #1482 by PFS Corporation. It's the only wood burning sauna stove on the market like this that we know of.

Love a hot sauna? So does he... Feedback from the creator of saunatimes.com

If anyone is interested in learning more about our small business, wood burning in general, or saunas Glenn Auerbach aka the sauna guru did a podcast with Daryl Lamppa in August 2016 titled Sauna Talk with Daryl Lamppa, 3rd generation Finnish sauna stove maker. It covers a lot of questions that we get asked on a regular basis and is a great way to kill an hour while commuting. Click Here

Proudly using American steel processed by Louis Industries, Inc. located in Paynesville, MN

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***Intertek Testing***

.45 Gr/HR. Emissions
.01 Gr/MJ. Emissions
86.3% (LHV) Efficiency
99.4% Combustion Efficiency

99% Smokeless Burns

Unlike most of our competitors we actually provide proof (below) and not just promises...

Vapor-Fire 100 Efficiency Testing
(Signed PDF)

Vapor-Fire 200 Efficiency Testing
Burns 1 and 2 (Signed PDF)
Burns 3 and 4 (Signed PDF)

"We have not seen any other wood furnace in the market with these type of results," said owner and designer Daryl Lamppa.

Intertek is an accredited world leader in the testing, inspection and certification of consumer goods and works with more than one-third of all global retailers' supply chains

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